Meet the Team

Bruna Ayara has been with ApoEna Chocolates since the very beginning in 2015, she is the head chef and the one manager of the business. Overt the years she has been a jack-of-all trades, working mainly in the production area, developing different products and exercising spontaneous and creativity in the produce she makes. However, she has also being part of the sales team, by actively participating in market fairs, and has team up with the head of the company to help with developing ideas. In her personal life, she enjoys cooking, reading books, and is a chess enthusiast and passionate of anything nerdy.

Thais Apoena is the entrepreneur chocolatier of ApoEna Chocolates, combining an extensive experience in the food industry, with a master’s degree in business management, and a life long passion for Chocolate making, she is exploring it’s diversity of possibilities with constant experimenting, with new flavour combinations and decoration techniques, to create a unique chocolate experience in the handmade chocolate business industry. In her personal life she is a nature lover, who enjoys outdoor activities, and loves to travel and discover new places and chocolate tastes