About us!

ApoEna Chocolates was founded in 2015 as a family business in Portlaoise, Ireland. With a tasty selection of products and the authentic feel that can only be achieved through hard work and grassroots beginnings, we have taken foothold in our local economy as a premium provider of quality chocolate produce. Our local-based small business started out in the local Farmer and Cottage Markets around our community, and has taken off to become a rising national brand.

Our colorful, vibrant candies and goodies, are what sets us apart from any other chocolate maker. Made from the Finest Belgian chocolate, people have enjoyed our high quality chocolate produce by ordering online or coming to visit our stands, in the various local markets we take place on. In addition to the quality and the appearance, we also source our ingredients locally. As a family business, we believe in the local economy and small businesses everywhere, which is why our business model revolves around sourcing quality, safe, and pure ingredients from within our community.

Our vision for ApoEna Chocolates is that our products will continue to permeate throughout the world, and that we provide a real, quality chocolate experience to everyone. Even as our hopes for ApoEna Chocolates are vast, we will always remain a family business that has risen up by the power of our community and the support that we have provided each other.