Hot Chocolate Bombs

Our trendy line of Hot Chocolate Bombs is perhaps one of the most innovative and creative uses of chocolate in the industry. If you are a lover of hot chocolate, then you will love these Hot Chocolate Bombs! They are a ball made from solid chocolate and filled to the brim with mini marshmallows. Once you get them home, simply place one in an empty mug and pour in hot milk. The hard chocolate shell melts while you stir, and you are left with amazing, cozy, rich hot chocolate with tasty little marshmallows! It’s the most perfect cup of hot chocolate that you’ve ever had.

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Chocolate Truffles

For a soft, smooth, and rich flavor that is sure to melt in your mouth and leave you forever wanting more, our chocolate truffles are a brilliant addition to your chocolate stash. Made from a rich ganache that provides a unique texture and taste, they are hand-balled, and feature pieces of real fruits or high-quality nuts for maximum experience.
Around the outside of our truffles, you’ll find a light flaked or powder coating that puts the finishing touch on this decadent treat. Available in multiple flavors, we love to experiment new combinations, and always keep our product line fresh and modern, while still providing the classic flavors that you love.


Our hand decorated chocolate pops are some of the most unique, innovative, and colorful that is. Apart from being easy and clean to hold, due to the holding stick, our pops feature brilliant designs that make them a worthy addition to any holiday, celebration, or special treat for the kids on any occasion. Beloved by all in our community, we always strive to deliver unique and appealing decorative pops to our customers.

Decorated Easter Eggs

To provide the most unique Easter Eggs on the market, we utilize an innovative and modern technique that creates a high-quality decoration for your Easter Eggs.
As one of the few chocolatiers in the world with the expertise and skills to execute this technique, we are able to hand print abstract art, images, color splashes, and hand-drawn paintings onto our Eggs to fit in with any theme you might want.

Handmade Boxes

At ApoEna Chocolates, we like to make our packaging just as appealing as our chocolate, and all of our boxes are handmade by us! They are so unique and vibrant on it’s colors and stamps, that it really sets us apart. In addition to using highly appealing designs, we are also proud to use packaging that is sustainable, recyclable, and forwards our eco-friendly agenda and mission to be good world citizens.


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About us

ApoEna Chocolates is a family business, run by sisters, based in Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland. With a vast range of chocolate produce, trading locally at Farmers and Cottage Markets, and nationally by Online shopping.

About us!

ApoEna Chocolates was founded in 2015 as a family business in Portlaoise, Ireland. With a tasty selection of products and the authentic feel that can only be achieved through hard work and grassroots beginnings, we have taken foothold in our local economy as a premium provider of quality chocolate produce. Our local-based small business started out in the local Farmer and Cottage Markets around our community, and has taken off to become a rising national brand.

Our colorful, vibrant candies and goodies, are what sets us apart from any other chocolate maker. Made from the Finest Belgian chocolate, people have enjoyed our high quality chocolate produce by ordering online or coming to visit our stands, in the various local markets we take place on. In addition to the quality and the appearance, we also source our ingredients locally. As a family business, we believe in the local economy and small businesses everywhere, which is why our business model revolves around sourcing quality, safe, and pure ingredients from within our community.

Our vision for ApoEna Chocolates is that our products will continue to permeate throughout the world, and that we provide a real, quality chocolate experience to everyone. Even as our hopes for ApoEna Chocolates are vast, we will always remain a family business that has risen up by the power of our community and the support that we have provided each other.

Meet the Team

Bruna Ayara has been with ApoEna Chocolates since the very beginning in 2015, she is the head chef and the one manager of the business. Overt the years she has been a jack-of-all trades, working mainly in the production area, developing different products and exercising spontaneous and creativity in the produce she makes. However, she has also being part of the sales team, by actively participating in market fairs, and has team up with the head of the company to help with developing ideas. In her personal life, she enjoys cooking, reading books, and is a chess enthusiast and passionate of anything nerdy.

Thais Apoena is the entrepreneur chocolatier of ApoEna Chocolates, combining an extensive experience in the food industry, with a master’s degree in business management, and a life long passion for Chocolate making, she is exploring it’s diversity of possibilities with constant experimenting, with new flavour combinations and decoration techniques, to create a unique chocolate experience in the handmade chocolate business industry. In her personal life she is a nature lover, who enjoys outdoor activities, and loves to travel and discover new places and chocolate tastes